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Concrete Sealer

A 100% acrylic water based clear drying emulsion designed to seal and
protect concrete against water, salt, and oil damage. Resists blushing
when exposed to moisture or rainfall. For interior or exterior use. Apply
by spray, lambswool applicator, or roller.

Concrete Patch

A 100% acrylic heavy-bodied trowel grade patch material designed for
filling larger cracks up to 1ʺ″ wide in concrete surfaces. Concrete Patch
can also be used to fill and repair damaged and spalled areas in concrete
up to 1/4ʺ deep.

Concrete Patch Binder

A 100% acrylic emulsion designed for mixing with sand and cement.
Ideal for repairing damaged, spalled, and cracked concrete surfaces.
Exhibits outstanding strength for lasting repairs up to 1/2ʺ deep.