Vermont Asphalt Driveway Repair Experts – We Handle All Aspects of Driveway Installation, Maintenance & Repair in VT. When it comes to driveways, you need expert advice and VT workmanship. Don’t settle for second best!

Driveway Installation

drivewayinstallTypically a 12” base of coarse “Bank Run” gravel with a 4”-5” top coat of your desired material. In certain cases we recommend Road Stabilization Fabric which provides superior longevity.

Gravel Driveway Resurfacing

gravel-resurfacingAn introduction of 4”-6” of ¾” crushed material of your choice which is used in the re-grading process to even the surface and re-establish the crown of the driveway or road.

Crowning & Compacting

crowningSculpting of the surface material so that the middle portion remains higher for proper water runoff. We then compact the material with a vibratory roller to properly compress the material.

Dust Suppressant & Soil Stabilizer

cdsThe Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic Synthetic Polymer Emulsion Dust Suppressant and Soil Stabilizer is a synthetic polymer emulsion concentrate consisting of a combination of carefully selected polymers designed specifically for dust palliative and soil stabilization
applications. Provides superior bonding and stabilizing for lasting performance

Weed Control

weedsChemical applications used to suppress or eliminate weed growth on driveway areas

Erosion Solutions

  • Ditching
    …involves the excavation of a trench along the edges of a driveway or roadway to carry excess water.
  • Culverts
    …are installed generally under driveway aprons to move water from one side of a driveway or road to another. These culverts require routine maintenance to keep them free of sticks, leaves and excess debris.
  • French Drains
    …are sub-surface trenches filled with rock that contain perforated pipes to redirect surface water and groundwater away from a troubled area.
  • Re-grading
    …existing surfaces in an effort to correct improper flow of water.